iBounce – An Independent API Testing Tool

Mock API in minutes • Foresee the output of the front-end without utilizing actual servers • Easily configurable • Works with restful protocol • Support both XML and JSON responses • Checks selection of response from multiple options for single request • Start and Stop option for individual APIs • Keeps history of request and response • Import contract rules • Export as standard restful document in required format •

Ideal Solution For

Software Architects

Quickly build your prototype applications by mocking the API

Software Developers

Start developing the front-end without waiting for your back-end

Software Tester

Mock the back-end and verify the front-end behaviour for the negative and positive scenarios

Purpose of iBounce

iBounce primarily inserts itself between the Web-Client (Browser, Phones etc.) and the Server (Private, Cloud or Third Party) and Mocks the Server. It was pass through the request to the actual server, pull in response from it and validate the response with predefined response schema in the tool. Thus the client feels the server is available in all respects and the Client testing can proceed even if the server is not available.

  • Testing if the API-calls to the back-end are generated correctly by the front end.
  • Testing if the responses from the back-end are accepted correctly by the front-end.
  • Testing if the error responses from the back-end are handled correctly by front-end.
  • Front End Development without access to the back-end.
  • Ideal in testing REST calls from HTML5 and Devices

Download iBounce

Feel free to download iBounce and try it out.

To learn how to install iBounce download the installation guide.

To know more about iBounce please write to us at ibounce@inapp.com